[vdr] Transfer mode and a motorised dish

Malcolm Caldwell malcolm.caldwell at ntu.edu.au
Mon Aug 8 10:29:11 CEST 2005


I get the feeling that 1.4 might be getting close - so I though I should
speak up now.

I have a request: find a way to fix transfer mode while using a
motorised dish.

I have a dxr3 based system and a motorized dish.  The problem is vdr
only waits a few seconds (TUNER_LOCK_TIMEOUT set in device.c) before it
reports "ERROR: device %d has no lock" and gives up.

This makes it fairly painful.  I have to change channel, wait for the
dish to move and then go "menu->channels->OK" to re-tune the current

My "Fix" is not to return false after the timeout.  This causes vdr to
try to set up the filters anyway, and things work fine.  When the dish
moves the channels just starts to work fine.  (If I am not wrong, vdr
used to have no timeout here but some cards did not like you to set
filters when there was no lock... ?)   Setting the timeout to a large
value is not an option as vdr is unresponsive during this period, making
channel surfing 'stick' at various places where channels are
un-available.  I cannot think of a fix that preserves the "don't set
filters without a lock" behaviour without using another thread.

The other problem with vdr and motorised dishes is due to the timeout
for recordings.  If vdr receives no data for MAXBROKENTIMEOUT defined in
recording.c it does an emergency restart.  Now on the plus side, by the
time vdr restarts my dish has (so far) always moved to the correct
position!  However, I must say it is hard to explain to my wife why the
recording we just happened to be watching at the time stopped midway

Maybe some of this could be fixed by to rotor plugin, however the rotor
plugin should not be needed in this setup (I just define things in
diseqc.conf).  The better fix IMHO would be in vdr itself.  I think a
parameter that says "maximum timeout when changing source" might help
the recording problem.  Not so sure for the transfer mode problem.

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