[vdr] Updating the list of recordings

leinionl at netti.fi leinionl at netti.fi
Mon Aug 8 22:24:26 CEST 2005

Hello, list!

Since VDR version 1.3.11 (according to HISTORY), the list of recordings 
is not updated automatically, so the asterisk for "you have already 
watched this (or at least opened it)" is not updated either.

Is there other way to update that information than a cron job touching 
.update every minute or so? Or should this be considered to be a bug?

Running VDR 1.3.27.

Markku, Turku, Finland

Saunalahti Xtra - Uusi GSM-vuokrapuhelin ja edistykselliset Xtra-palvelut käyttöösi alk. 4,95 e/kk! http://saunalahti.fi/xtra/

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