[vdr] vdr-1.3.28: hangs while recording?

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Tue Aug 9 00:33:01 CEST 2005

Hi list,

After updating to 1.3.28 yesterday, I'm seeing strange VDR hangs today. 
Same machine, same plugins and patches worked flawlessly on 1.3.27 before.

There were recordings running, and I was going through menus that time, 
when VDR suddenly did not respond to key presses any more. VDR died 
because of watchdog, but required an additional kill -9 to be stopped 
and re-started. As another hint, that time VDR was running with >50% CPU 

Next time this happens, I hope I can do some more analysis.

Any one else having problems?

Incident 1:
One recording running on secondary device.
22:18:52 vdr[948]: deleting timer 16 (6 2010-2225 'Filme~Enigma - Das 

22:18:59 vdr[948]: switching to channel 8
22:20:40 vdr[1354]: connect from, port 2075 - accepted
22:20:43 vdr[948]: PANIC: watchdog timer expired - exiting!
22:22:36 vdr[1526]: VDR version 1.3.28 started

The 'connect' is my attempt to connect via control-plugin, but 
control-plugin was frozen same as the remote.
The recording continued (file time) until 22:22:26.

Incident 2:
Two recordings running, one on primary, one on secondary. Transfer mode 
streams another channel from secondary to primary device.

23:12:46 vdr[1526]: switching to channel 173
23:12:51 vdr[1526]: switching to channel 7
23:12:52 vdr[1657]: cDolbyRepacker: skipped 576 bytes to sync on next 
AC3 frame
23:14:25 vdr[1526]: PANIC: watchdog timer expired - exiting!
23:17:17 vdr[1714]: VDR version 1.3.28 started

The recordings continued until 23:17:03 and 23:17:12.



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