[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdrplugin-dxr3 0.2.3

Christian Gmeiner christian at visual-page.de
Tue Aug 9 03:50:21 CEST 2005

Hi community.

After a very long time we are proud to anncounce a new release of the 
for VDR - version 0.2.3 is out ;)

ChangeLog Version 0.2.3:

- fixed output of anamorphic video when tv aspect is configured to 16:9 in
  DVB setup menu (Seppo Ingalsuo)
- rewrote i18n support, improved Finnish translation and other bits
  (Christian Gmeiner, Ville Skyttä)
- fixed void cDxr3Interface::SetAudioDigitalPCM() (Stephan Skrodzki)
- added many comments into source (Christian Gmeiner)
- using doxygen for docs (Christian Gmeiner)
- made path to microcode configurable in Makefile (Sascha Volkenandt)
- better default directories in Makefile (Christian Gmeiner, vdr-wiki.de 
- use std:: instead of namespace std
  (bug #1044069, Christian Gmeiner, Ville Skyttä)
- fixed #includes: moved #include "dxr3osd.h" from dxr3interface.h to
  dxr3interface.c, removed not needed #includes (Christian Gmeiner)
- added support for VDR 1.3.13 and later (Luca Olivetti, Peter Dittmann)
- fixed checking of return falues when opening the em8300-* fifos
  (Christian Gmeiner, Ville Skyttä)
- removed explicit linking with zlib (Christian Gmeiner)
- compiles now with 3.4.x gcc's (Christian Gmeiner, Ville Skyttä)
- use $CXX for generating dependencies instead of hardcoded g++ (Ville 
- added descriptions to audio and video output threads
  (#1112673, Ville Skyttä)
- fixed audio and video thread deletion in demux device destructor
  (#1112674, Ville Skyttä)
- made "all" the default target in Makefile (Ville Skyttä)
- avoid hang in pause mode with VDR >= 1.3.18 (Luca Olivetti)
- avoid high CPU usage in pause mode (Luca Olivetti, Klaus Schmidinger)
- improved GetSTC(): fixes DVB subtitles sync problems (Mikko Tuumanen)
- limit OSD flush rate: prevents OSD from going berserk due to being
  refreshed too often, see plugin settings (Luca Olivetti, Ville Skyttä)
- borrow better OSD scaling routines from the Xine plugin (Luca Olivetti)
- improve original OSD scaler for small resolutions (#1014339, Luca 
- improve error checking, eliminate some compiler warnings (Ville Skyttä)
- fix OSD going pink after returning from the MPlayer plugin; while at it,
  remove dxr3palettemanager.* and use VDR's cPalette
  (Ville Skyttä, Martin Cap, Luca Olivetti)
- remove unused dxr3unixserversocket.* from 0.2.x (Ville Skyttä)
- fix sound with the MP3 plugin and VDR >= 1.3.18 (Antti Järvinen)
- set aspect ratio and audio mode to unknown when releasing devices, fixes
  the setup eg. after returning from the MPlayer plugin
  (Luca Olivetti, Kimmo Vuorinen)
- rework OSD color management, fixes eg. color "bleeding"
  (Luca Olivetti, Thomas Husterer)
- sync SPU decoder with VDR 1.3.23 (Ville Skyttä)
- register only needed ffmpeg codec(s) (Marco Schlüßler)
- fix crash at exit (Marco Schlüßler)
- add support for mandatory subtitles (Marco Schlüßler)
- avoid crashing with some corrupted streams (Jon Burgess)
- remove optimized memcpy routines and related stuff, just use the glibc
  one (Ville Skyttä)
- clean up dead code for old VDR versions that hasn't worked for some time
  anyway, VDR >= 1.3.11 is now required (Ville Skyttä)
- improve recovery and avoid lockups caused by bad streams (Jon Burgess)
- use VDR's facilities for logging (no more dxr3plugin.log), make it less
  noisy (Ville Skyttä, Christian Gmeiner)
- add setup option for hiding the main menu entry (Ville Skyttä)
- implement stereo/left/right audio channel switching (Malcolm Caldwell)
- limit card number to sane values in config (Ville Skyttä)
- added Italian, Spanish and Catalan translations (Luca Olivetti)
- don't override OSD's {Save,Restore}Region with dummies (Luca Olivetti)

You can find the release at 

Some news about the website:
The CMS is installed and i am doing the last config stuff, all we need 
is now an artist how helps
me with the design of the website.

Christian Gmeiner

Christian Gmeiner
Developer for Rockbox (http://www.rockbox.org)
Maintainer of the DXR3-Plugin for VDR: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dxr3plugin/
Maintainer of VDR-Ebuilds at Gentoo.de

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