[vdr] vdr slowness when browsing channels

Guy Roussin guy.roussin at teledetection.fr
Tue Aug 9 09:19:30 CEST 2005


> @Guy: please comment out the lines
>        for (cOsdItem *item = First(); item; item = Next(item))
>            cStatus::MsgOsdItem(item->Text(), ni++);
> in cOsdMenu::Display() (osdbase.c) and let us know whether this
> makes any change.
No, that does not change anything. Around 20% of the cpu for vdr process
when browsing channels with left or right keys of my remote control.

I test this patch with vdr 1.3.27 and 1.3.28, same results.
I test with left and right keys (keyboard) and now the scroll is even
faster but it take around 35-40% of the cpu (with or without the patch).

With text2skin and Enigma again, i notice no changes with this patch :
40-50% of the cpu with remote and even 65-70% with the keyboard.

I note that browsing with the keyboard is very fast and no jerks as
with the remote control. It seems that some press on the remote control
are lost by vdr.



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