[vdr] How to speed up vdr start ?

Christoph Hermanns Christoph.Hermanns at web.de
Tue Aug 9 19:00:24 CEST 2005

Am Sun, 7 Aug 2005 22:52:04 +0300 schrieb Marko Mäkelä  
<marko.makela at hut.fi>:

> On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 09:29:04PM +0200, Christoph Hermanns wrote:
>> Hello out there !
>> Is it possible to speed up the vdr start (e.g. on my system) ???
>> I'm running vdr on a SuSE 8.2 System with 2.4 Kernel driver.
>> The start of the runvdr script is initiated by
>> a runlevel script (runlevel 3 and 5).
>> It took about 90 seconds until i got a picture.
> This topic has been covered in the German VDR wiki
> <http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/VDR_Bootzeiten>.

  In http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wikiindex.php/VDR_Bootzeiten
  There are only times compared on this web-side, but no hints about the  
speedup tricks.
  But i read the topic on vdrportal.de before, my boot time was even longer  
before i
  reorder the runlevel scripts manually.

> For the record, my 900 MHz system starts up in 40 seconds.  Some 11
> or 12 seconds are wasted in the proprietary BIOS.  I'd use LinuxBIOS if
> my mainboard were supported by it.
> To shorten the boot time, I removed almost everything that is not
> strictly necessary: hotplug, usb drivers, X11, SMTP daemon, network
> file systems, fam, cron, syslogd, etc.  Basically, only
> VDR+softdevice+DirectFB and OpenSSH are running.  Most drivers are
> compiled into the kernel (currently

  My intention is 1.st to start the dvb-driver and vdr and after that all  
other things,
  then it should be unimportant what is started after the vdr.

>> How can i speed up the starting of the dvb driver and vdr ?
> I'd also like to know if there's a way to postpone the scanning of
> existing recordings when starting up.  The scan takes a couple of seconds
> on my system.  It'd be nicer to start showing video while scanning.
>> When i run the runvdr script manually, it took also a few seconds before
>> the picture is shown on tv. Can this startup be speeded up ?
>> Any hints are welcome.
> Use OProfile to identify the bottlenecks in vdr startup.

  What is OProfile ? Is it part of any standard gcc package ?
  From where can I get OProfile ?


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