[vdr] vdr killing its recording on symlink directory

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Wed Aug 10 22:23:26 CEST 2005

peter.dittmann at freenet.de wrote:
> I use a system with 3 harddrives.
> On a recent system cleanup I moved some serial recordings completely to one drive (e.g. /video1/stargate) and symlinked the directory on /video0 for vdr to find the recordings.
> Now I have made a new recording to this directory.
> VDR now decided to start the 001.vdr right on the same physical drive with the result of killing the file in the process.
> The problem seems to be that vdr tries to create a symlink /video0/stargate/.../001.vdr pointing to the real file.
> As /video0/stargate is in reality /video1/stargate vdr can't create the real 001.vdr because a file with this name already exists.
> A good idea may be that vdr in this case would retry creating 001.vdr on the next available /videoX. to avoid this collission.

An even better idea (IMHO) would be to drop that whole video
directory symlinking stuff altogether and say "If you want a large disk,
use something like RAID or whatever". I was never a friend of this
linking, and regret the day I agreed to implement it...


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