[vdr] Re: VDR-1.3.28: cVideoRepacker sucks

Dominique Simon d.simon at gmx.net
Fri Aug 12 19:55:41 CEST 2005

Am 10.08.2005 um 21:43 schrieb Reinhard Nissl:

> So if you don't mind, just keep it running until it crashes and  
> then send the logfile.

I now had a VDSB on timerstart with cVideorepacker turned off! I  
recently swapped my Budgetcard (2nd card) with a second FF Card for  
testing purposes. The Budget card has never crashed with VDSB.
I'll test cVideorepacker "on" now with my Budgetcard as secondary  
card. The reason i swapped the Budget with the FF Card was: i  
sometimes had artefacts with recordings made on the budgetcard.

Ciao, Dominique

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