[vdr] streamdev-client and softdevice

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sat Aug 13 19:43:40 CEST 2005

On Samstag, 13. August 2005 19:07, Henrik Niehaus wrote:
> hi, im trying to create a vdr-client on my workstation. i have:
> vdr 1.3.25
> softdevice-0.1.2
> i compiled vdr and the plugins without error. then i have started vdr
> with this command:
> vdr --video=/video --epgfile=/etc/vdr/epg.data --config=/etc/vdr
> --lib=/usr/lib/vdr -P"softdevice -vo xv: -L /usr/lib/vdr"
> -P"streamdev-client"
> and that worked fine, too. i had video and audio output including epg info.
> after closing this window and restarting vdr, i got the xv window with
> epg data, but no video and no audio.
> i have rebooted both, my workstation and the vdr-host. still the same
> problem.
> any clue?

Without server and client logs it is hard to make a guess.
Knowing something about your serverhardware would be helpfull too
(FullFeatured vs budget, ..).

Stefan Lucke

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