[vdr] Transfer mode and a motorised dish

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Mon Aug 15 10:30:05 CEST 2005

Malcolm Caldwell wrote:
> ...
>>>>Maybe some of this could be fixed by to rotor plugin, however the rotor
>>>>plugin should not be needed in this setup (I just define things in
>>>There are other problems, like the channel autoupdate picking data from
>>>the wrong satellite. I don't think you can solve that without a plugin.
>>>In fact Klaus promised to check the plugins in the tuning thread to see
>>>if a channel can be actually tuned to and it is ready to be tuned. If he
>>>manages do to it and at the same time doesn't block vdr responsiveness
>>>to the remote I think it would be the best solution.
>>I am not sure that I completely understand this paragraph.
>>IMHO a plugin should not be needed, just some way to make sure that
>>'transient' data does not get added.  Maybe a minimum time between
>>channel change and autoupdate?  Again this could be configurable for
>>changing source.
>>Changing source from C to T to S should not matter, but when changing
>>from SXXX to SYYY it does.
>>>However, Klaus kindly reminded us that his day has only 24 hours (bad,
>>>bad Klaus ;-), so you'll just have to be patient.
> Klaus: do you have any thoughts on this subject.  IMHO current vdr is
> broken for movable dishes.
> (While it may work a bit for live tv on a ff card, recordings require a
> restart to work and transfer mode does not work either).

Sorry, at this time I don't have any thoughts on this, except for
increasing the lock timeout.


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