VDR-1.3.28: cVideoRepacker sucks (was: Re: [vdr] VDR developer version 1.3.28)

Dominique Simon d.simon at gmx.net
Mon Aug 15 14:57:08 CEST 2005

Am 15.08.2005 um 00:16 schrieb Reinhard Nissl:

> It definitely has to do with signal quality. The patch below  
> triggers this issue on my maschine. I'll try to find a solution soon.

VDR without cVideorepacker seems to me more tollerant to such  
distortions in signal quality. For unknown reasons my budget card  
(satelco standard pci, secondary card) sometimes produces artefacts,  
even when the signalquality is OK (going to test a skystar2 soon,  
ordered at www.reichelt.de).

Is anyone else experiencing such a behaviour of a secondary budget  
card? A FF Card on the same LNB-cable won't produce block-artefacts.
The behaviour started some time ago, it worked flawlessly at first,  
but at some update (Driver, VDR?) it began, can't remember when. The  
behaviour isn't reproducable, it works fine for days, then it's there  

Ciao, Dominique

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