[vdr] How to speed up vdr start ?

Stefan Taferner taferner at kde.org
Wed Aug 17 07:26:16 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 19:13, Christoph Hermanns wrote:
> Am Tue, 9 Aug 2005 19:17:04 +0000 (UTC) schrieb Stefan Huelswitt
> <s.huelswitt at gmx.de>:
> > In runvdr I check for the existance of the trigger file:
> >
> > while [ -a /tmp/dvb-insmod ]; do
> >   sleep1
> >   done
> >
> > This way the vdr startup is delayd until the insmod is finished.
> > (may be there are mor sofisticated method to do this, but it
> > works).
> I've tried this and it works with the trigger file, but it's about
> 10 seconds slower than without checking the existing of the trigger file.
> Strange...don't know....

Because you (probably) only need modules that are loaded at the beginning
of the list.

IMO it is worth to play around with the insmod.sh script (the one that is used
when calling "make insmod"). Remove the modules that are not required
in the "start" case. Start from botton, e.g. by removing half of all modules.

Kind regards,
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