[vdr] Feature request: suggestion for cPlugin

cwieninger at gmx.de cwieninger at gmx.de
Wed Aug 17 14:18:05 CEST 2005

Hi Klaus,

I was asked, if I could expose some functionality of epgsearch (searching the EPG, 
calling the extended timer edit menu) to other plugins. I plan to do this, like the timeline 
plugin does to check for timer conflicts in other plugins:

bool cPluginTimeline::ProcessArgs(int argc, char *argv[])
  // Implement command line argument processing here if applicable.
  if (argc==1 && argv!=NULL && !strcmp(argv[0],"timeline_command_interface") && 
  { // yes, this is an ugly hack!
  	return hasConflicts();
  return true;

As you see, it uses the ProcessArgs function for this. Not very nice, but I think it's 
currently the only way. Would it be possible, to add a new function to cPlugin, like 
'Interface', that works the same way, but is intended for this special job? It should also 
have a variable argument list. This would even allow to return pointers to cOsdMenus. 
Why reinvent the wheel, if any other plugin already does the job? ;-)



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