[vdr] Picture hangs from time to time, no freeze

Holger Steinhaus hsteinhaus at gmx.de
Thu Aug 18 21:57:38 CEST 2005


>Hello all!
>Like some other users I experience channel freezes sporadically since
>1.3.29. Some have this since 1.3.28 or even 1.3.24. For me it happened looking WDR, others reported the same (on vdr-portal.de) with Pro7/Sat1/NDR. I experienced this behaviour on a small Epia ME6000 with a TT rev. 1.6 and kernel 2.6.13-rc6, but the problem doesn't seem to be related to drivers nor firmware (that's the consensus on vdr-portal.de).
>The picture hangs, but after some time it starts playing again. You can
>change to other channels no problem (and of course they work).
>I don't know about messages in the log because I ran vdr with -l0 at the
>time (sorry ;-)). Reception was normal, no rain but some clouds
>(but we had this kind of weather before and it didn't happen).
I expierenced exactly the same problems on one of my VDR boxes, since I 
updated to 1.3.28. Both machines are almost identical (in hard- and 
software), but the problem occurs only on one of them. One difference 
between them: the hanging system uses AC3 sound via J2. Another strange 
coincidence: I've only seen this hang on a channel providing AC3 sound 
(ZDF, RTL, Pro7 so far). The problem repeats every few minutes, the 
following log entry seems to be written exactly in the second of the freeze:

Aug 18 21:51:16 vdrclient1 vdr[5761]: buffer stats: 0 (0%) used

<http://dict.leo.org/se?lp=ende&p=/Mn4k.&search=coincidence>My system: 
kernel on Pentium3, original kernel DVB drivers, Hauppauge FF 
1.6, VDR 1.3.28


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