[vdr] ttxtsub problem with vdr >= 1.3.28

Rolf Ahrenberg rahrenbe at cc.hut.fi
Tue Aug 23 18:20:43 CEST 2005

On Tue, 23 Aug 2005 16:40:58 +0300 Kimmo Taskinen
<kimmo.taskinen at dnainternet.net> wrote:

> The patch didn't help. I'm not familiar with the vdr source code and 

Well, I'm not suprised, but never underestimate the placebo effect :)

> Below is some vdr output during record watching. Somehow it seems to me
> that as vdr is scanning through different channels during record 
> watching (EPG scan?) the ttxtsubs-plugin "attaches" to that channel and
> shows the subtitles from it.

So, something went really broke while updating from 1.3.27 to 1.3.28 and
a quick look at VDR's HISTORY reveals these changes:

2005-08-07: Version 1.3.28

- Reactivated cVideoRepacker in remux.c after some fixes (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Modified cEITScanner::Process() so that it uses the primary device if it is
  replaying and is the only device that provides the given transponder, and that
  a forced EPG scan works even if EPG scan timeout is set to 0 (thanks to
  Bernhard Stegmaier for reporting a problem with this).

Could you revert the changes above one by one and check if one or another
triggers the actual problem? You can easily deactivate the cVideoRepacker
by commenting the "#define TEST_cVideoRepacker" line in remux.c and the
eitscan.c changes are well documented in:


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