[vdr] How to create a VDR compatible MPEG2 file?

Fabian Wolter email at fabian-wolter.de
Wed Aug 24 22:45:45 CEST 2005


I want to digitise my old analogue tapes, so that I can play-back them 
with VDR 1.3.27.

For the recording/multiplexing proccess I used the following commands:

streamer -t 10:00 -s 720x576 -r 25 -o video.yuv -O audio.wav -F stereo
mp2enc -o audio.mp2 < audio.wav
mpeg2enc -f 9 -q 1 -o video.m1v -V 1024 --no-constraints < video.yuv
mplex audio.mp2 video.m1v -o 001.vdr -f 9

With the program genindex I created the index.vdr.

The recorded files are playable but the fast-forward/rewind stucks. 
(guess 0.25 fps)

While fast-forwarding/rewinding, there appear lots of the following 

> Aug 24 22:13:06 vcr vdr[15601]: fixIFrame: PES start code not found at offset 19460 (data length: 67584)!

So what's my fault? (I guess at the multiplexing proccess)


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