[vdr] softdevice + directfb gives black screen [SOLVED]

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Thu Aug 25 10:27:12 CEST 2005

Per Mellander a écrit :
> I have patched the file and recompiled. SetLevel() error is gone but same 
> behaviour.
> I think I really found the issue by now. I can run mplayer and dfbshow via 
> ssh but not VDR. VDR does only work when I start it from the console.
> Is there a way to trick VDR, or ie. softdevice+directfb, to be run via ssh 
> login?

The difference should be "running as root" vs. "running as any user".
Try the vt switching directives in directfbrc (see man or ML archives).


>>I'm not sure if it's the TVon=0 that does it becuase I was able to 
>>run mplayer with -vo directfb when vdr+softdevice did not work. What 
>>is this disable-module good for? If I had configured with --with-
>>gfxdrivers=unichrome only, will it work then. What I'm actually 
>>asking is - What's the difference between unichrome and cle266? ( In 
>>DirectFB's perspective )

unichrome is a newer DirectFB driver than cle266, adding a lot of new
features. This is kind of v0.4 vs. v0.3
disable-module allows to use the unichrome driver by avoiding testing
the cle266 one, which should match the AcceleratorID first.


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