[vdr] clarification request: vdr file format?

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Thu Aug 25 12:23:45 CEST 2005


> Tony Houghton wrote:
>> In <200508241502.33976 at orion.escape-edv.de>, Oliver Endriss wrote:
>>> Sorry, I'm using vdr to play vdr files. If some other software is not
>>> able to play PES, that software cannot be used or needs to be fixed.
>> Not everyone can use VDR that way because of limitations of output
>> plugins, but it can still be useful for making recordings to watch with
>> something else (by using the vdr-xine plugin for output but not actually
>> running xine). MPlayer seems to be the only other player capable of
>> playing the format, but it has problems like not being able to work out
>> the length of recordings and show playback progress correctly. And even
>> vdrsync often doesn't work properly. ProjectX nearly always works well
>> though.

I am really missing a widely supported recording format. As long as you 
use only VDR, the vdr format is no problem, but as soon as you want to 
use streaming clients or different platforms (anyone here who still uses 
windows? :) ), you will run intro trouble. And having to convert every 
recording before watching it, is not really user friendly, and takes 
(unnecessary) space and time.
Additionally, I use ProjectX for ages, and because of some recent 
changes, I am no more able to demux recordings that have more than two 
DD tracks. This also is a limitation that could be avoided by using a 
more common format.
MPG is somewhat limited as already mentioned (subtitles etc.), so I 
would prefer some TS recording format like d-Box and Dreambox use it. 
Even if this conversion technically does not make sense (see a long 
thread at vdrportal.de), it make sense in a consumer´s view. And maybe 
we could finally get a well working TS live streaming (see discussion 
about dBox2 streaming-plugin in vdrportal and complaints about vlc not 
being able to play streams with sound, while dbox/Dreambox streams do work).

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter

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