[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-epgsearch-0.9.6

cwieninger at gmx.de cwieninger at gmx.de
Sat Aug 27 08:25:04 CEST 2005


here's a new release of the epgsearch plugin.

You can find it here:


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.6.tgz

What's new?

2005-08-27: Version 0.9.6

- search criterion 'use channel' extended by 'channel groups'. Channel
  groups can be managed with their own menu and allow a much more
  flexible way to select channels for the search procedure.
- epgsearch now exposes its extended timer edit menu and searching the
  epg as services to other plugins (s. MANUAL or contact me, if you
  are interested)	
- if a timer is programmed for an event (searchtimer or manual
  programming) then the summary is now also passed to the timer (allows
  displaying the summary pressing 'ok' in timer menu), thanks to
  TomG at vdrportal
- after toggling the color buttons with '0' in the schedule menu the
  yellow/green button now move to the schedule of the
  previous/next channel   
- added a patch from Uwe/egal at vdrportal that replaces vdr's
  standard schedule menu with the epgsearch plugin. Also big thanks to
  Uwe for the changes in epgsearch. After patching VDR you have to
  activate the patch in epgsearch's setup.
- after editing a new search, its entry now gets correctly sorted in
  the list of all searches, thanks to Mike Constabel
- added Gerhard Steiner's timercmd patch for vdr >= 1.3.25 
- a 'back' in the start menu now always closes the osd (should solve
  some trouble with the submenu patch)
- events without title are now ignored, regardless of the search
  criteria, thanks to Mike Constabel
- new EPG variable '%channel%', that can be used in directory entries
  and gets replaced with the channels name
- recording margins in search timers can now be negative (allows
  intentional cutting the begin/end of recording), suggested by Mike
- extended EPG categories are now compared case insensitive
- updated finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg

- '.epgsearchrc' now too is expected in the config path specified
  with -c (if given), thanks to Ronny Kornexl
- fixed programming of timers with empty file and directory, thanks to
  Andreas Brugger
- fixed search timer programming in case of midnight between start and
  stop time
- fixed directory selection when listing of dirs is empty, thanks to
  harvey at vdrportal
- (de)activating a searchtimer with '0' did not store, thanks to Mike
- fixed menu navigation (green-yellow-yellow-green displayed the
  summary instead of 'whats on now'), thanks to Mike Constabel

What is it about?

EPG-Search can be used as a replacement for the default schedules
menu entry. It looks like the standard schedules menu, but adds some
additional functions:

- Commands for EPG entries with 5 built-in commands like 'show repeats',
  'create search'. One can add own commands for other needs, like adding a
  VDRAdmin auto-timer.

- Add up to 4 user-defined times to 'now' and 'next'

- Searching the EPG: Create reusable queries, which can also be used
  as 'search timers'.

- Search timers: Search for broadcasts in the background and add a
  timer if one matches (similar to VDRAdmin's auto-timers) or simply
  make an annoucement about it via OSD

- Progress bar in 'What's on now' and 'What's on next'

- Shift the time displayed by keypress, e.g. 'What's on now' + 30 minutes

- Start menu can be setup between 'Schedule' or 'What's on now'

- background check for timer conflicts (requires a recent timeline plugin)

- detailed epg menu (summary) allows jumping to the next/previous

- support for extended EPG info for search timers

Works only for vdr-1.3.x (x>=7). Tested on 1.3.10 to 1.3.30.
Parts of the sources are based on the repeating-EPG patch 
from Gerhard Steiner, who gave me the permission to use them 
(thanks for his work!).

Best regards,

Christian Wieninger

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