[vdr] Problem when no input signal

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Aug 27 10:39:33 CEST 2005

Malcolm Caldwell wrote:

> Again, IMHO, this seems fairly complex.  Why should vdr consult plugins
> about this stuff?

e.g. because plain vdr doesn't know anything about a positioner (or 
other weird things: vdr is good because it's flexible and you can do 
almost everything you want with it).

> I would have thought that vdr should be able to tell
> when a signal is valid etc.
> Perhaps just having a time value indicating how long the signal had been
> locked would be enough.  Then things like channel update etc. could just
> wait until there was (eg) 5 seconds of valid signal before it did
> anything.

That may be good for eit(?) scanning, not for attaching receivers: why 
wait 5 seconds when the dish is already positioned and you have a good 
signal? Since I'm using a dxr3 (i.e. transfer mode i.e. a receiver) I 
wouldn't like to wait 5 seconds after each channel change.


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