[vdr] [PATCH] Getting rid of redundant resume.vdr files.

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Sat Aug 27 20:03:13 CEST 2005

Carsten Koch wrote:
> I noticed that updating the recordings menu is still very slow.
> Caching the data of course did speed up things, but vdr still
> has to scan when /video/.update was touched (after an external
> change), when it starts up, etc. Also, this has been a workaround
> at best against the two basic flaws:
> 1) when replaying or recording, VDR floods the linux file system
>    cache somewhat needlessly with data that do not need to be
>    cached since they typically do not get read again while they
>    reside in the cache, thus slowing down the intire system and
>    not leaving room in the cache for even the directory entries,

This has been fixed nicely by Ralf Müller's new "vdr-avoidTrashing"
patch, see http://vdr.unetz.com/download/patches

> 2) vdr's recordings scan is slowed down further by the fact that
>    VDR opens all resume.vdr files to see if the recording is rewound.
>    This problem can be greatly reduced by two steps:
>    a) Remove the resume.vdr file if it points to (almost) the
>       beginning of the file.

Attached is an updated version of my patch for VDR 1.3.30.

>    b) Never try to read it. If the directory entry is there,
>       with the above patch it can be assumed that the recording
>       is not rewound.

This still needs to be done.
Any volunteers?


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