[vdr] Re: RE: ERROR: can't set filter (pid=110, tid=02, mask=FF): Device or resource busy

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Aug 27 22:51:20 CEST 2005

Martin Dauskardt wrote:
>>Please try the attached patch. I guess it should fix this.
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>>--- eitscan.c	2005/08/07 11:29:54	1.27
>>+++ eitscan.c	2005/08/26 15:37:06
> Yes, that fixes the problem !!  :-)
> Could you please describe the function of the epg timeout setting in current
> vdr versions?
> My manual says:
> EPG scan timeout = 5   The time (in hours) of user inactivity after which
> the DVB card in a single card system starts scanning channels to keep the
> EPG up-to-date. A value of '0' completely turns off scanning on both single
> and multiple card systems.
> Does this mean, that a vdr, which starts every day and runs for shorter than
> one hour, will never get EPG data ?

It will only get the EPG data for the channels on the transponders you
switch to.

> My vdr often runs for only 20 min. a day when it records the "Tagesschau". I
> never noticed missing EPG data.

Maybe you only watch the ARD channels? ;-)

> When I manually start an EPG scan, the picture goes black. What happens when
> I switch back to the channel I was watching befor? Is this breaking off the
> EPG scan?



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