[vdr] Re: vdr file format for recordings

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Sun Aug 28 14:48:50 CEST 2005

In <4311A668.1000709 at helmutauer.de>, Helmut Auer wrote:

> >It would be nice to have _good_ plugin for exporting vdr recordings to PS
> >format.. something like ProjectX plugin integrated to VDR.
> >
> >I think that would reduce the noise about vdr fileformat a lot..
> >
> You can already use vdrsync.pl. This can transform vdr recordings to 
> mpeg, dvd or divx. It can also cut recordings ( using vdr's marks ).
> Just add a line to the reccmds.conf and install the necessary packages 
> for vdrsync.

I found that occasionally failed - generating output that neither of the
*mplex tools could handle IIRC - probably due to errors in the stream
caused by less than perfect DVB-T reception. ProjectX has a much higher
success rate.

What about mencoder? It's always been very good at handling errors, it
can obviously handle .vdr input, and MPEG output has been working
properly for the last few versions. But I don't know whether it would
convert PES to PS in the process.

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