[vdr] multiple soundtracks

Kent Nielsen Kent.Nielsen at microlink.ee
Tue Aug 30 09:59:54 CEST 2005


I have a problem with some D+ channels, that the second audio pid
disappears after autopid.  Usually if I want to see/record a movie with
original track (not Spanish) I have to turn off autopid - although I'd
like to keep it on for other channels. 

So, a feature to "lock" pids for a specific channel would be awesome.
Or even better, why VDR doesn't find (actually loses) some pid's that
are available.


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Klaus Schmidinger skrev:
> Tomas Prybil wrote:
>> Hi list.
>> Since Klaus added the multiple sound stream feature i've not been
>> to use that for channels at Thor, mostly Canal+ distributed stuff.
>> I have an example,
>> Disney now have a new channel called Toon Disney. The channel 
>> autoadded  itself to channels.conf and shows the following details:
>>> Toon 
>> If I bring up tha audio menu it shows all four languages dan, fin,
>> and sve. However if I choose either nor or sve the sound output 
>> becomes all silent. Could one kind soul please give me a hint how to 
>> start debug?
> Could it be that your CAM can't decrypt more than one audio track?
> You could try to delete "678=dan,679=fin," from that line (disable 
> automatic
> PID update) and then switch to nor or sve.
> Does it work with other channels that have more than one audio track?
Reducing to one audio track made it work. However the "autopid" will 
kill that again. Perhaps the possibility to lock a specific channel 
something for future versions?



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