[vdr] Re: avoidTrashing Patch 0.2.1

Ralf Müller rmvdr at bj-ig.de
Tue Aug 30 10:45:28 CEST 2005

On Montag 29 August 2005 22:35, Gerald Raaf wrote:
> with this patch i get the syslog is flooded with the following
> messages when recording or cutting
> flush buffer: 41 (10491272 bytes, 146888709-157379981)
> the bytes from/to differ and also the number of bytes.

You use a relatively high log level ... anyway I have disabled this 
message. A new version is available here:


> What does the messages mean, are that error messages an my recordings
> cutted recordings damaged?

It is not an error message and no damage should have been done. It just 
tells you which region of which file handle has been flushed to disk. 
For you it's just noise but nothing you have to worry about.


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