[vdr] How to syncronise more than one VDR

Oliver Joa ojoa at gatrixx.com
Tue Aug 30 18:18:25 CEST 2005


Is there any possibility to synchronise timers between more than 2 vdr?

At the moment i have 3 VDR running, one uses a full-featured-card and a 
budget-card (vdr1), the second (vdr2) has only a full-featured-card and the 
third (vdr3) has only one budget-card. vdr1 is in my fathers-room, vdr2 is in 
my room and vdr3 on the roof. All together share one filesystem. Now i also 
want to record more than one transponder, so i need another kable for vdr2, but 
i can not install a new one. At the moment i program vdr3 to do this job, but i 
can only do by webinterface, which is not much comfortable, when sitting on the 
sofa. I also want to install another LNB for hotbird, so i would need a third 
cable. Is there any other better possibility?

Is it somehow possible to program a timer on any VDR and all 3 VDR try to find 
a free card in any VDR and use this card for recording? I think i can remember 
that Klaus wanted to implement such a feature. Is it still planned?

Or use a streaming Solution? I read about the streamdev-plugin, but there is no 
actual version, the last is from beginning of 2004, so maybe it will die in the 

How do you do in such a situation? Two parties in one house who all want to 
record and view separatly and share one filesystem and can use any DVB-Card?



ps: sorry that i post now the third time, but maybe today is not my day, 
last time i forgot the subject. Sorry again.

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