[vdr] vdr stopping and not restarting

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Wed Aug 31 00:20:46 CEST 2005


tony wrote:

>>>I was out all afternoon and something happened vdr passed from one state
>>>to another like this:
>>>vdr-xine: Client disconnected!  ### I quit xine after news at lunch
>>>::write(2048) returned -1, error 32: Relais bris (pipe)
>>>SetPlayMode: 0
>>>SetPlayMode: 1
>>>[vVMSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
>>>aA+9+12+13+14SetPlayMode: 0
>>>SetPlayMode: 1			### unknown event while I was absent
>>>[vVMSetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
>>One possible explanation would be that the channel's tranponder data has 
>>  changed a bit and VDR was retuning this channel to honor the change.
>>What's your setup option concerning this issue?
>>Do the logfiles report such an activity (you my need to run VDR with 
>>option "-l 3" go get this logged)?
> This still has me stumped. What do you need to see? I have attached
> setup.conf

I ment the following entry in setup.conf:

	UpdateChannels = 4

So, do you find a logging message similar to

Aug 30 16:48:00 video vdr[19777]: changing pids of channel 2744 from 
0+0:1121=deu:0 to 0+0:1121=deu;1122=deu:0

within the time you were absent?

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