[vdr] VDR gets somehow stuck and consumes all CPU time

Paavo Hartikainen pahartik at sci.fi
Thu Dec 1 03:15:49 CET 2005

Every now and then (too often) I need to restart VDR because it starts
to use lots of CPU time.  Problem may stay hidden for week, but
sometimes it happens after less than one day.  VDR still works, but
wastes CPU cycles.  This has been happening for long time, it is not
any recent problem.

Linux 2.6.14
PowerPC 604e

TechnoTrend DVB-C 2.1
TechniSat DVB-C CableStar2

vdr (1.3.27)
subtitles (0.3.8)
streamdev-server (0.3.3-pre3-geni)

Someone probably has got ideas about how to debug this...

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