[vdr] Remote/keyboard seen during configuration, but not during normal use

Benji Mouse benji.the.mouse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 07:40:30 CET 2005

>This looks like a perfect configuration. Should work. ;-)

That's what I thought too :-/

>> The keyboard exhibits the same behavior as the remote (works through
>> config, but not after).  Unless the keyboard is somehow dependant on
>> the remote keymap, wouldn't this indicate something more than just a
>> remote keymap issue?

>Keyboard and remote control should be independent.

>Let's try to simplify the configuration. Please test whether vdr can be
>controlled using the keyboard if you do _not_ load the remote plugin.

The behavior is the same - it works during the configuration step, but
not afterward.

I wonder what's different between the input handling of the remote
configuration step, and the input handling of the running program, and
what I could've done to make them behave differently.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

>> When I load dvb-ttpci and run av7110_loadkeys with hauppauge_grey,
>> evtest says it sees a 'DVB on-card IR receiver' and displays the
>> keymay for the remote.  Fine.  Once I start VDR, do the remote setup,
>> and exit, evtest still shows  'DVB on-card IR receiver' , but the
>> keymap displayed is for the keyboard.  Is this expected?

>I guess you saw the keymap of the remote plugin, not the keymap of the
>keyboard: The remote plugin replaced your keymap because it wasn't
>told to keep the pre-loaded keymap...

That makes sense.  Thanks.


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