[vdr] lcdproc plugin problem

Istvan Fuley aironet at tigercomp.ro
Thu Dec 1 09:19:50 CET 2005


I recently built my VDR box with the following config:
Suse 9.1, kernel 2.6 on PIII 550 with Nexus. ( i have to say this community 
is marvelous, i found help in every phase of the buliding)
VDR running fine several days ago with the following plugins loaded: 
osdteletext, femon, dvd, subtitles and ttxtsubs.
A couple of days ago i added to my config an LCD (20x4, HD44780, parallel 
port). I compiled LCDproc, LCDd server running fine, testing with the 
included lcdproc demo works ok.
I added lcdproc plugin to my vdr, and i have the following problem:
- when VDR starts, lcdproc connects to LCDd (i can see clients:1 on my 
- the welcome info appears on the display (Welcome to VDR, ver 1.3.36)
- after about one second VDR exits without any info nor on /var/log/messages 
nor on VDR console
- the Clients 0 message appears on the display (so the lcdproc plugin 
disconnencts from LCDd)
- if i press the menu key when VDR starts, I have no problem entering the 
menu, and the menu items appears on the LCD! I can navigate through the menu 
items, recordings, etc, everything is displayed ok, but when I exit the VDR 
menu (with the back key or with starting to play a recording) VDR exits 
- i searched the list, but i did not find anybody meeting this kind of 

What I tried:
- remove all the plugins except lcdproc
- start LCDd with several configuration
- recompiling everything (vdr, lcdproc plugin, LCDd, dvb drivers, 
everything - i'm desperate :) )

Anybody has a hint, what should i try?

I have another issue about recording subtitles, but let's discuss it later 


Füley István

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