[vdr] videgor ?

Oliver Joa ojoa at gatrixx.com
Thu Dec 1 09:21:22 CET 2005


what do you think about: http://www.videgor.de/

i have 3 vdr at home and try to find a solution to share the timers 
between the vdr. at the moment i do it by the webfrontend, because one of 
the vdr is on the roof. i would like to have a solution so that the vdr 
automatically do this. i use one big network-filesystem, so that every vdr 
can see the recordings.

the idea of videgor is exactly what i want, but i don't like to patch the 
vdr, because maybe the patch can not be used in a future version. i don't 
want to be dependent on a old version.

is there any other solution to share the timers automatically amoung >1 

klaus: do you plan to integrate some functionality like this?


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