[vdr] videgor ?

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Thu Dec 1 12:57:49 CET 2005

Oliver Joa wrote:
> is it only me who has more than 1 tv? how do others do this?

I have two, but they do not have "equal rights".
The master VDR is always on, has 1 FF and 2 budget cards,
does all recordings, has hard disks and runs the DHCP and
tftp servers for the slave.
The slave is only on when I am watching, has 1 FF card,
does no recording and had no hard disk.

Both share the same pool of directories. /video is on
the master and contains symbolic links to the (Genre)
top-level directories which are distributed over 9
The master contains some of theses disks and nfs-mounts
the rest from another server.
The slave nfs-mounts from the master and the other server.

I have made a tiny extension to the runvdr script on the
slave which moves timer entries to the master every time
vdr restarts on the slave, so I can "remotely" program
the master's timers from the slave.


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