[vdr] Remote/keyboard seen during configuration, but not during normal use

Benji Mouse benji.the.mouse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 20:03:17 CET 2005

> > When starting VDR, the info banner showing the channel, what's on,
> > etc. is normally displayed for a few seconds.  Well it just occurred
> > to me that it's not being displayed at all.  When I start VDR, I get
> > the video playing, and that's it - no interface.
> >
> > I've also discovered that SVDRP isn't working.  The log says that it's
> > running on port 2001, but netstat doesn't show anything listening on
> > 2001.
> >
> > I started looking through the code, and it looks like the input
> > routines and the SVDRP socket construction are all tied to the
> > interface class.  This leads me to believe that fixing whatever is
> > causing the interface not to show up may fix the input and SVDRP
> > problems.
> >
> > Another interesting thing - If I don't load ANY plugins, SVDRP will
> > start (netstat shows it listening on 2001).  Of course it won't accept
> > any input, but at least the socket is there.  If I load a plugin
> > (remote, for example, but I've verified it with others, also) the
> > socket doesn't show up.
> >
> Hm - just a wild guess: Please verify that you have
>   export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1
> line in your start vdr script (runvdr or whatever you use).

I do.  In fact, I looked into that once I discovered the above items. 
It does seem to lend itself to some kind of threading problem, though.
 I just can't imagine why.


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