[vdr] VDSB since 1.3.37?

Patrick Maier maierp at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Dec 1 23:53:11 CET 2005

From: "Udo Richter" <udo_richter at gmx.de>
> Since Monday, I had two VDSB restarts while a recording started on my
> secondary TT-budget card. Both times I was watching a recording that
> time, but that may be a random coincidence.

The same problem has a friend of mine... He has 2 FF and one LowBudget Card.
He is running 2 instances of VDR for 2 TV's. The first VDR has one FF and 
one LB-Card, and the second VDR has the second FF-Card
He is reporting, that when he is starting a timer or recording (at the 
moment I can't exactly say it) after exactly 30 seconds there is a 

I'll ask him for more Information about his setup (VDR-Version, logfiles 


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