[vdr] Sound issues with three of the new DVB-t Spanish channels

Javier Marcet javier-ml-linuxtv at marcet.info
Fri Dec 2 02:55:56 CET 2005

Hi guys,
It's been already two whole day since Spain started the official
transition to DVB-t. Before Nov. 30th, the 4 national analogue channels
were being broadcasted on a single mux, while regional channels occupied
another one.

Last Wednesday, however, a few new channels began being broadcasted only
through DVB-t.
Now we have a few more transponders in use, and channels have been
Below is the entire list for Pontevedra:

:DVB-T Pontevedra - TV
TVE 1;(null):770000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:101:103,104:102:0:380:0:0:0
TVE 2;(null):770000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:201:203,204:202:0:381:0:0:0
Antena 3;(null):690000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:301:303:302:0:140:8916:13:0
LA SEXTA 1;(null):666000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1501:0:0:0:340:8916:11:0
La Sexta 2;(null):690000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1501:0:0:0:341:8916:13:0
24H TVE;(null):770000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1001:1003:0:0:382:0:0:0
40 LATINO;SOGECABLE:666000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:162:88:0:0:1059:8916:11:0
CLAN/50 TVE;(null):770000:M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1501:1503:0:0:383:0:0:0
NET TV;(null):834000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1501:1502:0:0:300:12289:0:0
T5 Estrellas;(null):850000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:201:301:701:0:181:12289:0:0
T5 Sport;(null):850000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:202:302:702:0:182:12289:0:0
VEO TV;(null):834000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:1001:1002:0:0:260:12289:0:0
Galicia TV America;CRTVG:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:180:181,182:183:0:1571:12610:0:0
Galicia TV Europa;CRTVG:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:170:171,172:173:0:1570:12610:0:0
PROBAS RETEGAL;RETEGAL:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:320:321:0:0:1602:12610:0:0
:DVB-T Pontevedra - Radio
Radio Galega;CRTVG:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:0:200:0:0:1592:12610:0:0
R.Galega Musica;CRTVG:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:0:199:0:0:1593:12610:0:0
Son Galicia Radio;CRTVG:810000:C23D12M64B8T8G4Y0:T:27500:0:201:0:0:1594:12610:0:0

The first batch of bad news -- for me and anybody else having a single
DVB-t tuner in Spain -- was that I cannot record all the available
national channels at once, as I did before. At least until a get at
least two more budget DVB-t cards.

Worse than this, however, is that three of the above channels have sound
problems. They are 'Telecinco', 'T5 Estrellas' and 'T5 Sport'.
The three come from the same producer.
The former one is not a new channel, It should have only changed
frequency. At least, I guesses so.
Yet, it seems something else changed.

I'm using bitstreamout, and I get no sound from those channels.
Neither from the SPDIF or the analogue outputs of the sound card.

My surprise came when I saw that sound was actually recorded, but I
only could hear it using mplayer -- yes, over the same FF DVB-s card I
use vdr on --. After checking the language IDs and trying a few tricks
(their language IDs are not identified as 'esl' or 'esp', the right ID
for Spanish audio, but 'eng' which in theory means English).

That doesn't seem to be the problem, though. Using the femon plugin, I
saw that audio is encoded at 32Khz (at least the mpeg headers show
Right after realizing where the problem lied, I verified sound was
coming from the analog out of the FF DVB-s card. However. yet another
issue aroused.
Live viewing made perfect sound (OSS still muted). On the other hand,
some recordings play just fine, while others make a smurf-like sound,
which I inferred it means a pitch change is taking place due to incorrect
44/32KHz tagging.
Using mplayer everything plays fine, hence it should not be that hard to
fix, but I'll need help.

I can send some raw sample recordings to anyone who might make good use
of them :)

Thanks for your help, sorry for the longish post,
and of course a _big_ thank you to Klaus for ... everything :)

Style may not be the answer, but at least it's a workable alternative.

Javier Marcet <javier at marcet.info>

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