[vdr] VDSB since 1.3.37?

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Fri Dec 2 11:28:54 CET 2005


I have a related phenomenon since I updated from VDR 1.3.34 (I think it 
was this version) to VDR 1.3.36. With previous versions, I had 
absolutely no problems when switching to Sat.1 and ProSieben from a 
non-DD-channel. Now, I often see heavy distortions/blocking when 
switching to one of those both channels. Sometimes, the blocks don´t 
disappear and the image can´t be watched. Sometimes it helps to switch 
back to the channel I previously was watching, if it doesn´t, I have to 
restart VDR which also reloads the drivers. My channel´s order: 3 - BR, 
4 - Sat.1, 5 - RTL, 6 - ProSieben...
I use a Nexus and one Nova-S on SuSE 9.1 with quite outdated drivers 
(from beginning 2005) - but they previously worked without problems. I 
also did not change the firmware when updating the VDR - that´s why I 
also think that the new bugs are VDR related, despite of the progress in 
driver, firmware and kernel development. I can´t promise that one of the 
new compiled plugins and patches might have introduce the problem, but I 
don´t think so as this error looks familiar to me (had this ages before 
with VDR 1.2.x and early VDR 1.3.x versions).

I recently planned to upgrade to a newer kernel (including new drivers), 
but reading all the complaints concerning kernels >2.6.12 and buffer 
overflows, I want to wait until those things are fixed.


Patrick Maier schrieb:
> From: "Udo Richter" <udo_richter at gmx.de>
>> Since Monday, I had two VDSB restarts while a recording started on my
>> secondary TT-budget card. Both times I was watching a recording that
>> time, but that may be a random coincidence.
> The same problem has a friend of mine... He has 2 FF and one LowBudget 
> Card.
> He is running 2 instances of VDR for 2 TV's. The first VDR has one FF 
> and one LB-Card, and the second VDR has the second FF-Card
> He is reporting, that when he is starting a timer or recording (at the 
> moment I can't exactly say it) after exactly 30 seconds there is a 
> VDSB-Error.
> I'll ask him for more Information about his setup (VDR-Version, logfiles 
> etc...)
> Greetz
> Patrick
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