[vdr] [ANNCOUNCE] kvdrmon-0.5

Bernd Juraschek vdr at bjusystems.de
Sun Dec 4 01:24:51 CET 2005


I've released version 0.5 of my kvdrmon KDE applet. This applet does
some VDR monitoring visible in the KDE kicker.


- The disk space indicator is a bit more configurable now
- Tooltips and popups are now using HTML for better readability
- The disk space information inside the tooltip shows the needed
  space for the running and the next scheduled recording(s).

As every new release there is also a new version of the VDR helper
plugin. You can download kvdrmon-0.5 and vdr-kvdrmon-0.5 at

Gentoo users using the portage tree from gentoo.de can simply do

  emerge kvdrmon
  emerge vdr-kvdrmon 

Further informations are  available at http://vdr-statusleds.sf.net/kvdrmon

Have fun,

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