[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDRAdmin-0.97-AM3.4.2

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Wed Dec 7 08:03:42 CET 2005


VDRAdmin-0.97-AM3.4.2 is available at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org.

Have fun!

HISTORY 0.97-am3.4.2
- Updated de, es and fi translation (got no response by fr translator).
- Use the channel name as title if title in timer_new is empty (Requested by 
Hardy Flor).
- Improved handling of dates reported by "lstr".
- SMTPAuth for sendEmail.
- Fixed: Programming a timer using InternetExplorer, didn't return to the 
previous page but gave an error (Reported by several people).
- Remember sorting after (in)activating selected timers (Reported by Atti).
- Updated Template-Toolkit to v2.13.
- Reworked sorting in rec_list/timer_list/at_timer_list.
- Activate/Inactivate selected timers in timers_list (Requested by Atti).
- Event's title in prog_summary/prog_list/prog_list2 links to prog_detail 
(Requested by Scorp).
- Added "Refresh" button in rec_list to refresh the cache of the list of 
- Fixed popup if deleting timers/recordings/autotimers containing a 
"'" (Reported by Saxman2k).
- Remember sorting after deleteing or editing timer or autotimer (Reported 
by Atti).
- Improved re-connect to VDR if VDRAdmin crashes.
- Set "LANGUAGE" environment variable to "" on startup, so it causes no 
problems with language setting in VDRAdmin.
- Added caching of listing of recordings. Can be adjusted by 
"CACHE_REC_TIMEOUT=number of minutes" in vdradmind.conf. Defaults to "60", 
"0" disables caching.
- Remember sorting when toggling in timer or autotimer list.
- New configuration option for Timers: don't add summary.
- Email notification for AutoTimer can be set in configuration menu.
- Optimized AutoTimer matching a little bit.
- Reworked detection of another VDRAdmin process if pid file exists.
- No more config settings that require a VDRAdmin restart.
- Find "sendEmail" program in $PATH.
- For VDR >=1.3.24 use VDR's timer flags for finding timers that are 
currently recording.
- Fixed sendmail notification for AutoTimer.
- If /usr/bin/locale is not available, language can be entered in textfield 
instead of chosing in selectbox.
- Fixed wrong display of double quotes in timer_list and at_timer_list.
- Fixed browsing in "recordings" menu (if there are folders having the same 
- Added new skin "default" (InternetExplorer has problems with displaying 
- Removed i18n.pl.
- Localization can be set in configuration again.
- Added "Transponder" and "CA-System" to tooltips in timer_list.
- Show recording's summary and subtitle in rec_edit (Requested by BigDiSt).
- Check for and shorten too long summary when programming timer.
- Check for too long commands sent to SVDRPort.
- Channel select box in TV.
- "Test" button in AutoTimer edit for showing results of current settings 
(Requested by Hardy Flor).
- Link from channel name in prog_list2 and timer_list to prog_list.
- Bring popups to the front (e.g. help, prog_detail...) (Based on a patch 
submitted by Ville Skyttä).
- Reuse existing TV, RC and help windows (Based on a patch submitted by 
Ville Skyttä).
- Send vdradmin.m3u when streaming.
- Tooltips in timer_list, prog_timeline and at_timer_list can be deactivated 
(Requested by Hardy Flor).
- Fixed wrong HTML tags in rec_detail (Reported by foobar42).

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