[vdr] Seqfault of cutting thread on "Low disk space!"

Christof Steininger christof.steininger at t-online.de
Wed Dec 7 23:09:53 CET 2005


as i'm absolutely new to the mailinglist business maybe i made something wrong.
I described this bug on the vdrportal.de, Andreas was able to confirm it.
The solution i posted there was actually only meant as a workaround for me to test stability.

Skins.QueueMessage(mtWarning, tr("Low disk space!"), 30);

produces a message thats 30 seconds long, while AssumeFreeDiskSpace(-1), 
that's called about every 10 seconds fills up The Messagequeue,
which is obviously not a good idea. As i'm far from being a coder, i'm sorry, i have to leave it
to others finding a working solution.


Christof Steininger
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