[vdr] Dolby Digital on ZDF on Co

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Thu Dec 8 18:16:30 CET 2005

Thomas Rausch wrote:
> Hello,
> if I on Sat.1 or Pro7 switch and the DD-Track select am all ok.  If I 
> shift back then to example RTL (non DD-Track Channel) and then again to 
> Sat.1/Pro7, I have again the DD-Track.  Thats ok. On ZDF and Arte is not 
> however like that.  There the first audio track one selects again and 
> again.  The VDR does not "note" the attitude unfortunately. With ZDF 
> records it functions however.
> Even if I do not change the channel, but an admission show and these 
> terminate, switch the VDR again on ZDF and the 1. Auido-Track is 
> active.  In the admission however the correct DD-Track.
> My Configuration:
> 3xTT-FF-1.5 / linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1 + test_av-1.28 + FW-2622 / vdr-1.3.37
> Thomas

That's because the ZDF channels use some odd "language codes" with their
audio PIDs:


AFAIK "2ch" or "dd" are nor defined in the DVB standard.
These should be "deu" or "ger" or whatever language these
PIDs carry.

Sat.1, for instance, uses correct values:


You might want to contact the ZDF and complain about this.


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