[vdr] Channels and pid update possible bug

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Fri Dec 9 15:32:24 CET 2005

Burak BAYER wrote:
> Oleg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Thursday 08 December 2005 21:34, Suur Karu wrote:
>>> For example when switch to channel STB, some channels above from other
>>> transponder change names as:
>>> K1 to STB
>>> OTV to M1
>>> 1PLUS1 to TONIS
>>> K2 to M1 Int
>>> If switch back for example to K1, all upper names restored and bottom
>>> changes vice versa.
>>> I see, that name pairs have same SI, but other parameters are different.
>>> Switcing off name and pids update feature is not a good idea for other
>>> useful changes on other channels..
>>> I hope my explanation is clear enough for understanding and any help is
>>> welcome.
>> man 5 vdr ...
>> RID    The Radio ID of this channel (typically 0, may be used  to  
>> distinguish channels where NID, TID and SID are all equal).
>> ....
>> Oleg
> I have same porblem with vdr-1.3.37 When I choose names and pids option 
> vdr change names of lots of channels. All of names are incoorect also 
> like [13AD], [13FF] etc. I think it cannot parse pmt of transponder 
> correctly.

Can you check whether it is actually VDR that can't parse the data,
or whether the data is in any way flawed?

I'm afriad I can't receive S4.0W here, so I can't test this myself.


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