[vdr] Softdevice and an NVIDIA 6800 Ultra?

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sat Dec 10 08:58:51 CET 2005

On Samstag, 10. Dezember 2005 08:21, Chad Flynt wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck with Softdevice and an NVIDIA 6800Ultra?  Also I 
> hear of problems with like the TI4200 etc. 

Thereis a similar report on dfb-user list.

> My issue with my 6800 is 
> through XV I get video on whatever channel I have VDR set to start with, 
> but if I change channels I lose it, and only get OSD from there on.

But thats different. At the first time, when you get video (xv-out) do you have
video and OSD, or video only ?

Which driver do you use with X11 ?
The binary only (from nvidia) or the one with sources from XFree, Xorg ?

> And 
> can't get it back without restarting VDR, it will start on any channel I 
> set it to start with in the SETUP.CONF but once I change it is gone.  As 
> where if I use DFB which is what I would rather use, I don't get video 
> at all, just OSD and AUDIO on the first channel, but again if I change 
> it goes away.

No audio ?
Only OSD ?

> I am using CVS of Softdevice, DirectFB and DFB++ and have this issue.  
> If anyone has any tips or tricks, they are gladly welcome!

Stefan Lucke

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