[vdr] Cause for interferences ?

Martin Cap macap20001 at compuserve.de
Sat Dec 10 19:23:39 CET 2005

Niko Mikkila wrote:

>>I use a DVB-T Twinhan-FTA DVB-T-card. The drivers I use are usually from 
>>CVS and updated quite frequently by myself. First I thought its related 
>>to my Twinhan card, but even though I had to replace the card (it broke, 
>>a warranty-issue) and borrowed a Hauppauge Nova T the problem remained.
>>I use the dxr3-card as output via vdr-dx3plugin.
>>So my questions is: Could there be any relation between my disturbed 
>>video+audio and the changes made for vdr-1.3.16 ?
>>Has anyone seen a behavior like this ? Any cure ?
>Yes, I get this with dxr3 too. It is clearly an issue with the dxr3 plugin.
>I thought it had something to do with the hardware decoder catching up with
>the input stream that is being changed quickly. I think I used 1.3.15 at some
>point, but I can't recall if it behaved the same way (the dxr3 plugin was
>in a bad shape at that time anyway). Has it actually worked better in the past
>for you?
Hi Nikko,

no, sadly it has not worked out better for me in the past. Things 
remained bad.
What I find strange is, that at the time of vdr-1.3.15 Manu Abraham from 
the dvb-mailinglist introduced some changes to the twinhan-dvb-code 
which improved the whole "interference"-thing. It worked well for me (no 
disturbance at all!).
I ran 1.3.15 at that time, before that, I had disturbed video+sound. 
Actually, the reason why Manu Abraham started to improve the 
twinhan-code were these interferences.
Suddenly, after switching to 1.3.16 (I clearly remember) things got 
worse again.

Nevertheless, you could be right. This could be worth posting on the 
dxr3plugin-mailing list to hear dxr3-user experiences.

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Martin Cap

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