[vdr] Re: NIT problem with DVB-T

Javier Marcet javier-ml-linuxtv at marcet.info
Sun Dec 11 18:30:20 CET 2005

* Seppo Ingalsuo <seppo.ingalsuo at iki.fi> [051211 15:22]:

>If I enable update transponders setting one (C-mux) of the available three (A,B,C) multiplexes gets 
>updated to non-working frequency. Example:

>"The Voice;SBS:770000:I0C23M64B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:513:660=fin:0:0:241:8438:12289:0"


>"The Voice;SBS:674000000:I0C23D23M64B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:513:660=fin:0:0:241:8438:12289:0"

>The same happens for other TV and radio channels in the same frequency. It is funny that the in 
>addition to wrong frequency there are also three extra zeros in the updated frequency. I contacted 
>the Finnish operator (Digita) and was lucky to get in contact with a helpful person. He verified 
>that other NIT data is sent correctly here in Tampere so I wonder now if the problem is in vdr. He 
>also told that the NIT data is sent in two parts, first A and B and then C separately. Could it 
>cause that A and B work but not C.

Something like this happens in Spain. DVB-T channels are updated by vdr
with an extra milliard (the thre 0s).
Actually I see two copies of each channel. The right one with which I
populate channels.conf to start with and another copy added by vdr with
the three extra 0s.
In addition, vdr sometimes updates fully operational channels to wrong
values, which results in a blank screen.

All is solved disabling the 'Update channels' option, though.

Look out!  Behind you!

Javier Marcet <javier at marcet.info>

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