[vdr] NIT problem with DVB-T

Lauri Tischler lwgt at iki.fi
Sun Dec 11 18:53:09 CET 2005

Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> Hi,
> If I enable update transponders setting one (C-mux) of the available 
> three (A,B,C) multiplexes gets updated to non-working frequency. Example:
> "The 
> Voice;SBS:770000:I0C23M64B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:513:660=fin:0:0:241:8438:12289:0"
> becomes
> "The 
> Voice;SBS:674000000:I0C23D23M64B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:513:660=fin:0:0:241:8438:12289:0" 
> The same happens for other TV and radio channels in the same frequency. 
> It is funny that the in addition to wrong frequency there are also three 
> extra zeros in the updated frequency. I contacted the Finnish operator 
> (Digita) and was lucky to get in contact with a helpful person. He 
> verified that other NIT data is sent correctly here in Tampere so I 
> wonder now if the problem is in vdr.

In Espoo transmitter the Mux-C is at 674000000

Here's part of my channels.conf from Espoo transmitter
MTV3;MTV Oy:658000000:I0C23D23M64B8T8G8Y0:T:3:305:561:817:0:49:8438:8193:0

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