[vdr] Re: Re: NIT problem with DVB-T

Javier Marcet javier-ml-linuxtv at marcet.info
Sun Dec 11 19:18:22 CET 2005

* Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de> [051211 18:40]:

>>>also told that the NIT data is sent in two parts, first A and B and then C separately. Could it 
>>>cause that A and B work but not C.

>>Something like this happens in Spain. DVB-T channels are updated by vdr
>>with an extra milliard (the thre 0s).
>>Actually I see two copies of each channel. The right one with which I
>>populate channels.conf to start with and another copy added by vdr with
>>the three extra 0s.
>>In addition, vdr sometimes updates fully operational channels to wrong
>>values, which results in a blank screen.
>>All is solved disabling the 'Update channels' option, though.

>The question is whether the data in the NIT is wrong, or VDR doesn't
>interpret it correctly. Since I can't receive any of these channels here
>I'm afraid someone who actually can receive them will have to investigate

If you drive me, I'll try my best to help out.
The three extra 000s issue happens with all the transponders which I
receive here over DVB-t, No such problem exists with DVB-s, both in a
single vdr system.

Fuck my ass and call me a bitch!

Javier Marcet <javier at marcet.info>

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