[vdr] Nova-T USB vs NOva-T USB2 for epia PVR

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 04:29:06 CET 2005

I'm new to this PVR lark, although I have been using an EPIA min-ITX box as
a Divx/DVD player using geexbox for a year or two.

I hope this list is OK for asking relative newbie questions - please point
me elsewhere if it's not the right spot.

I want to add DVB-T reception to my media box, and ideally have it replace
the video recorder too, but it remains to be seen if it has sufficient welly.

A fair amount of net-wandering suggests that the Hauppage winTV USB and USB2
cards are both suported but they use different chipsets - is that right? Any
pros and cons between them? My gut feeling is that the USB2 should be better
as the interface to it is faster, but the hauppage specs say that the older
card needs a 500Mhz host, whilst the newer one needs a 1Ghz host. Does the
newer one really need more from its host, or this just an effect of the
(windowsa) software they supply? Also I can find a lot more docs for the
older device - is the new one a bad idea at this stage?

My box is very slow (and thus silent) - it's an EPIA 800Mhz box, too old to
have built in MPEG deconding. It plays divxs fine, but glitches slightly
playing Full-res DVDs. I think adding a hollywood + PCI card will help it do
playback with less load, and is the only chance of it being able to play
something whilst recording something else. But that will fill its only PCI
slot, which is why I am considering USB for the TV input. Does this make
sense, or should I forget trying to play and record at the same time and
just put in a PCI winTV card?

I could upgrade the box to use an M10,000 motherboard and an internal DVB-T
card instead but that's best part of 100 quid more expensive, so I'm hoping
to get away with it. TV quality is not too important, so long as it's not much
worse than a VCR, that's fine.

Also, is there a distro like geexbox which boots up quickly to PVR mode,
with everything controlled through the OSD?


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