[vdr] Memory access error while attach player?

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Mon Dec 12 13:41:02 CET 2005

If I want to attach a Player to a device (for play a VDR Recording) but 
I have some Thread problems.
I have looked at cSVDRP::CmdPLAY.
But If I copy the Code to my Plugin, sometimes I get a Memory access error.
Maybe I need to lock the the device?
The Problem is that the cControl::Attach(void) starts befor the 
cDevice::AttachPlayer(myPlayer) is done.
But I don't know how to lock the device.

This is a fragment of the cSVDRP::CmdPLAY Code:

  cRecording *recording = Recordings.Get(3);
  if (recording) {
      cReplayControl::SetRecording(NULL, NULL);
      cControl::Launch(new cReplayControl);
       //if I place a output here it will be shown
       //if I place a output here it will not be shown if it freezes

How to create a lock for this?

I have created some more output which can be shown here:

On stdout was shown:
SetPlayMode: 0
SetAudioChannelDevice: 0
SetPlayMode: 1

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