[vdr] VDR on a Pentium 166 mhz: it works !

Jochen Radmacher jradmacher at gmx.de
Mon Dec 12 21:45:59 CET 2005

Travel Factory S.r.l. wrote:

>Just to share my experience with really old hardware.
>I want to say that VDR seems to work flawlessy in this slow environment. 
The slowest system I used was a Cyrix 150+(no mmx), which is equal to a 
P1-133, 48MB(or 64MB, i'm not sure) ram and a Nexus DVB-S. All the basic 
functions and also the mp3-plugin worked. I did not test it with more 
than 1 recording, but DMA-support for the harddisk makes a big difference!

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