[vdr] maybe two bugs in vdr

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Tue Dec 13 10:57:33 CET 2005

>>1. If i try to switch to channel 2222 without having 222 vdr stops 
>>accepting keys after 22.
>I do not have a channel 185, but if I want to my channel 1850 function 
>without problems. Perhaps isn't the REPEAT mode remotecauses LIRC 100%ig 

Tested that via Keyboard yesturday-> it's not LIRC
But found out that not channels don't work but fixed groups (:@2222 Radio)
got the following results:

:@1111 Group, 111 exists         -> vdr switches correctly
:@2222 Group, 222 dosn't exist -> vdr goes to 22
3333 Channel,  333 dosn't exist -> vdr goes 3333

>>2. One can't move a channel into an empty group.
>Vanilla: Is correct.

Just to ensure we are talking about the same:

Channel 1
:Group 1
:Group 2
Channel 2

You can move Channel 1 into Group 1 via Remote on any Vanilla?
My vdr jumps directly to channel 2 so its impossible to insert it where i want.

I can't remember when i last used plain vdr but i know this had never 
worked here.
On the other hand i can't imagine which patch or plugin could disturb here.
I'll try during my next update session (so anytime next year)


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